Garbage bags 13 gallon

Nowadays trash bags are considered as the attribute of clean and civilized life. They can quickly and easily dispose of any debris. In addition they can help to make the world cleaner and neater. The production of waste packages in MIRPACK Company involves the use of the latest high-tech processes. Raw materials have been tested for compliance with the applicable standards of quality and safety. Garbage bags 13 gallons (60 liters) are suitable for any human activities. They essentially make life easier and suitable for a variety of purposes. Such goods are actual in offices, shopping centers, warehouses and at home.

Large selection of trash bags in our company will allow you to choose the right product according to all your needs. They have good strength and low thickness that’s why garbage bags 13 gallon ensures comfortable use.

Garbage bags 13 gallon

Garbage bags 13 gallon

Garbage bags 13 gallon what differ in material workmanship

MIRPACK Company can suggest you garbage bags 13 gallon what differ in material workmanship. It can be LDPE, HDPE or PSD, which stands for polyethylene of high, low or medium pressure, respectively. All goods are high quality because they have a lot of proved standards in Russia and on foreign market. Color the bags are most often black, transparent, transparent-turbid. But, in principle, it is possible to manufacture bags of any color depending on your wishes and needs. It means that MIRPACK Company works with each wholesaler on individual line. That’s why we have loyal price and clients all over the world. Cooperation with us would be mutually beneficial.

For convenience, our garbage bags 13 gallon may be equipped with a drawstring, ties, and seals. At the customer’s request our company can print any label on products.

Also we can deliver to you all necessary goods in time and place what you need. They may be packed in rolls, box or plastic bag. Also we could send you samples of our goods because we realize that you need to check the garbage bags 13 gallon before buying. MIRPACK Company also has own laboratory. It controls the quality of every item at all stages of production. It needs to say that our staff are high qualified. Our workers have been working in our company over 20 years already.

It would be easy for you to find us on map, call us or send mail. Our experts can answer all your questions and tell you all information about every item and each line of our production. We are also welcome for any suggestions and ready to create a new product for you.