Garbage compactor bags

MIRPACK Company is a leader in production of different kinds of garbage bags. Also we can suggest our customers and partners garbage compactor bags. The advantages of this construction (compactor) are significant reduction of chemical, biological and fire hazard waste. The storage of waste in briquettes prevents the spreading the wind light components, reduces populations of many of these permanent residents of the landfills as rats, dogs and foxes. The waste reduction subsequently leads to a significant reduction of areas for warehousing and transport costs. And most of the enterprises engaged in recycling, require the pressing of the material.

You can choose any garbage compactor bags in MIRPACK Company.

Our company produces bags for containers of the following sizes:

  • 120 liters bags container (size 50+2×10 and a height of 110 cm) – it’s recommended load of not more than 25 kg, such garbage compactor bags are made of high pressure polyethylene LDPE
  • 160 liters bags container (size 70+2×10 and height of 105 cm) – it’s recommended load of up to 35 kg, such bags are made high pressure polyethylene LDPE too
  • 180 liters bags container (size 70+2×10 and a height of 125 cm) – it’s recommended load of not more than 50 kg, material – high pressure polyethylene LDPE
  • 240 liters bags for containers (size 90+2×15 and a height of 140 cm) – it’s recommended load of not more than 60 kg, material – high pressure polyethylene LDPE

A large stock of garbage compactor bags for your needs is located in our production. We store the large stocks of finished products in any season. MIRPACK Company always specifies the real delivery time.

Also there is an important feature when choosing the right bag – country of origin. For example tanks from China and Europe are of very different sizes in height and width, but equally they are called the “bags for a container of 120 liters” – should be specific. So we make garbage compactor bags for Russia such size of 75 to 95 cm, but for customers from Europe and other countries products are of 70×110 cm.

We are an exporter, that’s why we know the differences in needs various countries and ready to produce and deliver them. We also can send you the samples of our products. You could test them and choose what you need.

Our company is welcome to any your suggestions, so please don’t hesitate and contact us the way more comfortable for you.

garbage compactor bags

garbage compactor bags