Garbage bags wholesale price

MIRPACK Company can suggest loyal price on garbage bags for all wholesalers. It’s well known that garbage bags on wholesale price are much cheaper.

Trash bag could be designed for easy storage and removal of rubbish. The label is typically a batch size is specified either in units of volume (20, 35, 60 etc.) or in units of length (50×60 cm, 60×80 cm etc.). The most common size is specified simultaneously in two ways. The volume of the bag 35 indicates that the package can be used for standard household bucket 10 – 12 or smaller batch capacity 20 liters, suitable for example for office use without a heavy load. Packages with a volume of 120 and 160 are designed for construction debris, waste containers or bulky waste.

MIRPACK Company works on mutual beneficial cooperation with all wholesalers. Also we can offer different discounts on our many products for permanent partners and clients.

Trash bag with drawstring is an innovative product for the whole consumers. Its peculiarity is a special tightening that lock the package in the bucket. After the package is filled, you just need to pull the tightening and taking out the garbage.

Garbage bags wholesale price

Garbage bags wholesale price

Main reasons to buy garbage bags on wholesale price in MIRPACK Company:

  • All products are manufactured of different materials depending on customer’s need and region because we know that each market has its own need and specifications
  • All garbage bags on wholesale price are certificated by Russian government and by foreign institutions because our company successfully promotes export for more than 5 years already
  • Our own trash bag factory has a wide range (we can offer to our clients and customers over 150 different items)
  • We have our own transport system with huge lorries and we are able to deliver products in time because and place you need
  • Our company has flexible system of discount for wholesalers and permanent clients
  • The trash bag factory has clients and customers all around the world, most of them are from European region

MIRPACK Company products have various colors and capacity from 20 to 360 liters. Also depending on the density, all goods are divided on three groups: domestic (household), conventional and reinforced. Big range of various items consists of garbage bags in packs for public services and government institutions, garbage bags in rolls HDPE, LDPE bags with claps and handles, packing bags without sleeves in rolls, shopping packages with its prints by type shirts, bags and bags for medical institutions. These all our company can suggest on wholesale price.