Garbage bags price

MIRPACK Company is a leader in producing various kinds of garbage bags.

We are ready to produce such goods per 24 hours:

·       160 000 pieces of LDPE layers

·       30 000 rolls of LDPE rolls, TM MIRPACK

·       180 boxes of drawstring IPA

·       300 cartoons of drawstring LDPE

·       600 boxes of HDPE rolls

Also we can produce new line – 36 000 shirts per hour with two colors print. As you see MIRPACK Company has all necessary goods in amount you need. We work with wholesalers. That’s why we can suggest different price on garbage bags. Also we can offer our permanent clients a lot of discounts because we work on mutual and beneficial cooperation. We have clients and customers not only in Russian Federation but also in Europe, Africa and America.

Why we believe in the quality of our products?

1.    In production we use raw materials of the Russian production (Kazanorgsintez) and from foreign producers (Group Borealis, Ampacet, ExxonMobil Chemical)

2.    We could solve any problems of specific customer and client on individual approach (it affects on garbage bags price too)

3.    The company has highly qualified staff

4.    We have first-class modern equipment from leading Taiwanese, Turkish, German and Italian manufacturers.

5.     Permanent monitoring of the quality of all goods in every stage by our own laboratory

Garbage bags price

The price of garbage bags and heavy-duty trash bags is available for wide range of the population now. All garbage bags are not only practical and safe, but also have high quality. The process of our production is fully automated, so in rolls of garbage bags are practically no marriage.

Garbage bags are a great solution for disposal and storage of garbage, with sharp corners. Trash bags are not harmful to the environment. Even in the process of burning they don’t emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Sustainable bottom of garbage bags prevents them from turning. These bags are very convenient to use. They have a nice color and a pretty nice texture.
Garbage bags are a simple and affordable way of eliminating all sorts of waste. Folded garbage bags take up minimal space. They are simple, convenient, practical and economical. Therefore, they are quite popular among different categories of customers.

If you are interested in prices of each item of garbage bags you may look at it on our official site. Also if you have any questions our experts can help you and answer all your curious questions.

Garbage bags price

Garbage bags price