Garbage bags 4 gallon

In the process of human activity always appear different wastes that must be disposed of. Earlier the garbage out of the house or apartment was carried in the bucket, but it was not enough. Especially if you’re in a hurry, such way you had to go home to leave the bucket. Over time, this problem was solved. MIRPACK Company has started to produce garbage bags 4 gallons in 1998. Now we are a leader in this area. Different garbage bags are used everywhere: in manufacturing, construction, houses, schools, hospitals, various organizations, etc. The task of garbage collection has greatly facilitated with their help. By the way, buy garbage bags 4 gallons in our company can be almost any amount, color and material.

The garbage bags 4 gallons are made from polyethylene. In Russian Federation people and government put forward a number of requirements to such production. For example, durability, reliability, environmental friendliness, etc. This market offers a wide selection of garbage bags 4 gallons of different density, size and even color.

Types of garbage bags:

  • For industrial and construction waste. Such bags are particularly sturdy and large because the waste is heavy and bulky. Sometimes these fields are used multiwall bags. Their volume varies from 140 to 240 liters.
  • For household waste. Often these garbage bags 4 gallons are made with flavors that allow you to mute the unpleasant smell of garbage. You can buy them in our company because we work with wholesalers in Russia, Europe, America and African region

The positive traits of garbage bags 4 gallons made in MIRPACK Company:

  • Using a special catalyst, which is added in the production of garbage bags, these bags are exposed to sunlight decompose for 3 months
  • They are environmentally safe
  • Convenient to carry. Packages can be manufactured with a special tape or a tightening lace, which replace the handle. This tape is convenient to tie a package
  • Garbage bags 4 gallons have another advantage – low price, so they are available to everyone

MIRPACK Company uses Russian raw material in production and modern and high speed equipment. It helps us to produce much amount of finished products every month. If you are interested in mutual and beneficial cooperation with us please contact us the way more comfortable for you. All necessary information about us you can find on our site.

We can offer you standard products but also can create a new line especially on what you need and wish.

Garbage bags 4 gallons

Garbage bags 4 gallons