Garbage bags 30 gallons

Garbage bags 30 gallons (120 liters) are very popular format, especially suitable for packaging bulk garbage. Bags can be supplemented with tie and ears. In the warehouse of MIRPACK Company is always available the garbage bags with a size of 70×110 cm of LDPE of various density. We also can put the logo from one color to full color.

Main reasons to buy garbage bags 30 gallons (120 liters):

  • You produce large amounts of waste
  • Your activity is connected with the garbage collection
  • You need a strong and bulky garbage bags

The most popular color of the trash bag is black, but it is possible to manufacture bags of any color. The transparency of the material depends on the type of PE. High-pressure polyethylene is more transparent (assuming low density) and polyethylene medium are pressure cloudy.

Garbage bags 30 gallons

Garbage bags 30 gallons

Areas where can be used garbage bags 30 gallons (120 liters):

  • Bags what are made of HDPE have low density and used to collect typical office or household waste
  • Bags of LDPE have higher density, they are more elastic. They can be used for the removal of heavier, wet or sharp trash. Large displacement allows you to use the bags during seasonal cleaning of territories and offices

It’s also worth considering what materials the bags are made. Garbage bags 30 gallons of raw materials are more expensive, but more robust and of high quality. Secondary raw materials reduces the final cost of the bag, there is a specific polymer smell. The strength of such bag will be slightly lower, but it is absolutely enough to use the package as garbage.

For medical waste our company manufactures specialized packs, with a special color classification, labeling and recommended density.

Polyethylene gives unlimited possibilities in the advertising and promotion of your product or service. The printing on the garbage bags 30 gallons looks striking and presentable. Bags with logos are often used at promotional events and in companies where trying to improve the image or to present to potential customers their services. The surface of the bag can be completely sealed, or put the logo “running line”.

Garbage bags 30 gallons (120 liters) will help you to restore purity in the company, in the office or at home. Regardless of the type of waste bags cope with its main task. You just have to choose the size and type of material, and we produce garbage bags and arrange delivery to any place and time you need.

If you are interested in purchasing or you require additional assistance, contact our experts by phone or mail.