Garbage bags extra large

MIRPACK Company can suggest to our clients and customers all over the world garbage bags extra large. It’s rare, unique and necessary products that can be used in many areas of everyday life. We completely realize that in the process of human activity always appear different wastes that must be disposed of.

Now garbage bags extra large are used everywhere. It’s very popular in use in such areas: manufacturing, construction and building, houses and flats, schools, hospitals, fast food cafes, restaurants, etc. Why in such areas do people use exactly garbage bags extra large? It’s because they are huge, durable, reliable and environmental friendly. MIRPACK Company works only with high qualified material that made our products to be the most popular in all Russian Federation and other countries. We also export garbage bags extra large to Europe, America and Africa.

Garbage bags extra large are made from polyethylene. Our company can offer such goods of different colors but the most popular is still black. Anyway you could choose what you like more and we are ready to change the color of such goods if you need this. All details can be discussed with us the way more comfortable for you.

Garbage bags extra large

Garbage bags extra large

MIRPACK Company can suggest such garbage bags extra large:

  • HDPE (goods made by this material have glossy surface and don’t rustle)
  • LDPE (products made by this material have less advantages but also popular in use)

Garbage bags extra large are used for industrial and construction waste. Such bags are particularly sturdy and large because the trash is heavy and bulky. Our company can suggest you also multiwall bags for such needs. The volume varies from 140 to 240 liters.

For household waste the bags are not too large. Often these bags are with flavors. It allows you to mute the unpleasant smell of garbage. The optimal amount of them is 35-40 liters.

From 100 to 200 liters garbage bags extra large are manufactured by our company in rolls and other comfortable packing for you.

The positive traits of garbage bags extra large made in MIRPACK Company:

  • These bags are exposed to sunlight and decompose for 3 months
  • They are environmentally safe
  • Low price especially for permanent clients and customers
  • They would be transported and delivered by our company the time you need
  • We could also send the sample of our products before starting cooperation with us because we know that you should check our goods before buy